VIP Programme extended to Johannesburg

In past editions of the fair, visiting groups from the Tate Modern (UK), Guggenheim Museum (USA) and leading advisory firms have worked with CTAF to explore South Africa’s art scene via the CTAF’s guided VIP Programme. This year, and for the first time, CTAF has added a day of studio visits and talks in Johannesburg to the VIP Programme to allow international collectors unique insights into the South African art landscape.

In Cape Town, local collectors will be opening up their homes for discussions, and a number of galleries will be hosting evening parties as part of CTAF’s diary of events. VIPs will have access to various institutions, and will go behind the scenes at the Iziko South African National Gallery.

And the fair continues into the night…

After the CTICC halls close each evening, the CTAF officially recommends that the general fair community relocate to the Gin Bar on Wale Street, which will be open to the public every night of the fair.

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