Tomorrow’s Leading Names: A closer look at ICTAF18’s Tomorrows/Today Section

Tomorrows/Today, a curated section of solo presentations by artists set to be tomorrow’s leading names, will offer the cutting edge of contemporary art at Investec Cape Town Art Fair. Selected by Fair Curator Tumelo Mosaka, the section will show the forefront of contemporary African Art, and for the first time, will be open to artists working beyond the continent. The result is a vast range of artistic practices, presented by new and established international galleries, all with an experimental outlook. Once again, the section will come along with the Tomorrows/Today Prize, awarded by a small panel of curators alongside Mosaka, to the most exciting presentation. ICTAF is pleased to introduce the following ten artists to Tomorrows/Today.

Mosaka has said about the ICTAF2018 Tomorrows/Today selection, “The works featured represent an array of mediums exploring boundaries between the personal and public, and the fiction and reality of living within urban environments. While some works address the process of change and transformation, others offer imaginary possibility of recovery. Some artists combine techniques to conceal familiar representations, while others challenge our perceptions of current realities.”


Wura-Natasha Ogunji | 50 Golborne

Based between Nigeria and the United States, Wura-Natasha Ogunji makes use of various media, including drawing and hand-stitching, video, and performance. Her practice seeks to explore the women’s relationships with public space through “investigations of labour, leisure, freedom, and frivolity”. Ogunji has participated in exhibitions internationally, at institutions and biennials including Spelman College Museum of Fine Art in Atlanta (2016) and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark (2015), and the Live Art Festival produced by the Gordon Institute of Performing and Creative Arts in Cape Town (2014).


Amy Lin | Alida Anderson Art Projects

Using pencil, paper and cut-outs, Amy Lin’s work contrasts the capabilities of computers and humans. Technology is assumed to outperform human capability for accuracy and precision, but the precision of her lines and dots are created in combination with organic, stream-of-consciousness gestures, each mark suggesting the next, the finished product a surprise. Lin has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in North America and Asia, including at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C. and 3331 Gallery in Tokyo.


Mário Macilau | Ed Cross Fine Art

Mario Macilau, living and working in Mozambique, is a photographer who uses the medium to produce poignant representations of disenfranchised communities from his place of birth, Maputo. He specializes in long-term projects that link to multiple issues including identity, politics, environmental conditions, and poverty. Using the intimacy involved in portraiture, he seeks to unlock broader narratives. Macilau’s photography has been exhibited in institutions, biennials, and galleries internationally, including the Vatican Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (2015) and at the Vitra Museum in Basel (2015).


Io Makandal | Everard Read/CIRCA Gallery

South African-based artist Io Makandal makes use of media including installation, found-objects, sculpture, and drawing to create chaotic, colourful works that “reflect on site, material and abstraction in the time of climate change”. Entanglement, a solo booth, which consists of an installation and drawings presents an encounter that further delves into the chaos and order of matter. Makandal has exhibited locally and internationally, most recently in group exhibitions at LKB/G Hamburg in Germany (2017) and Wits Art Museum in Johannesburg (2017), and with solo exhibitions at the NARS Foundation in New York (2016) and Substation Gallery in Melbourne (2015).


Wycliffe Mundopa | First Floor Gallery Harare

Mundopa uses vibrant colours and dynamic lines to create painted representations of the lives of women and children in Harare, Zimbabwe, where he lives and works. His depictions seek to encompass the contradictions of good and bad, beautiful and ugly within the urban landscape. Mundopa has been exhibited in fairs around the world in collaboration with First Floor Gallery, and his work has been exhibited and collected in countries including Hong Kong, Kenya, Australia, France, UK, Germany and The Netherlands, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.


Usha Seejarim | Fried Contemporary

South African conceptual artist and sculptor Usha Seejarim’s practice is based upon her interest in the representation of gender and women, and a fascination with the ordinary through domestic and found objects. Seejarim also has an interest in arts education and community based public art projects. She has created exhibitions in local institutions including Wits Art Museum, Durban Art Gallery and Johannesburg Art Gallery, and produced numerous public art projects throughout South Africa.


Nicola Brandt | Guns & Rain

Nicola Brandt is a Namibian-born artist working with photography and experimental documentary film. Her work explores issues of subjectivity, temporality, space, place and memory in relation to colonialism and post-colonialism, power, representation, and ethics, by reflecting upon the painful history of Namibia’s colonisation. She is currently the recipient of a one-year fellowship with the University of Hamburg. Brandt has presented a solo exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Namibia and her work can be found in a number of important collections including The National Art Gallery of Namibia; Embassy of Namibia, Berlin, Germany; Würth Collection, Germany, and the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement, Windhoek, Namibia.. She holds a doctorate from Oxford University and will publish her doctoral thesis, Renegotiating Landscapes: Art, Photography and Politics in Postcolonial Documentary with Bloomsbury Press in 2019.


Themba Khumalo | Red Room Gallery

Themba Khumalo is a South African artist working in charcoal, printmaking and paint. His work is an exploration of isolation and connectivity, the relationships that exist between people in both urban and rural spaces. Rather than directly depicting human figures, he depicts the spaces and objects in between: skies, electric poles and cables. Khumalo has been in residency at Artist Proof Studio (Johannesburg) and has exhibited in group shows in South Africa, the United States, and Europe.


Jacqui Stockdale | THIS IS NO FANTASY + dianne tanzer gallery

Australian photographer, Jacqui Stockdale will present a series of large-scale photographs, creating a narrative that reflects on Australian colonial histories and the ways art and objects shape cultural memory. Stockdale’s photographic portraits reflect her fascination with history, mythology and identity. Her images are characterized by a dramatic and compelling aesthetic. Seamlessly balancing risk and restraint, her meticulously crafted images are at once playful and deadly serious. Stockdale has been included in numerous international exhibitions including in Living Rooms at the Louvre in Paris (2014) and All Masquerade! at the Museum Villa Rot in Germany (2015).



Januario Jano lives and works in Luanda, London and Lisbon. He has engaged in self-initiated research projects that have formed the core of his artistic practice. He works in a variety of mediums, including painting, installation, video, sculpture and photography, and mixed media to develop a body of work and work rituals. Jano participated in a group exhibition, UNORTHODOX, curated by Jens Hoffman & Kelly Taxter at The Jewish Museum, New York (2015). The Goethe Institut in Luanda, invited him to participate as a visiting artist in the project Moving Africa, exhibited at Doual´art in Cameroon (2013).

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Image Credit: Wycliffe Mundopa, Light Of A New Day (2017), Oil and fabric collage on canvas, 240 x 160cm. Courtesy of First Floor Gallery

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